Breast cancer, breast cancer, breast cancer… It seems like we’re hearing those two words now more than ever. Perhaps it’s because so many of us know someone – a friend, a family member, a co-worker – who has been touched by breast cancer. Perhaps it’s because every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. Or perhaps it’s because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (although hopefully we’ll continue to educate and raise awareness year-round).

Laura Ziskin, Co-Founder of Stand Up To Cancer (a breast cancer survivor, activist and hero), refers to it as “Information Sickness.” It’s not as bad as it sounds (in fact, it can even be a good problem to have): There is SUCH a wealth of information on breast cancer available to women and their families – from breast cancer-related websites to doctor’s offices, from breast cancer support groups to breast cancer pamphlets and breast cancer books, covering every step of the breast cancer experience from risk to diagnosis to treatment – that it can be an overwhelming experience for someone who’s already overwhelmed by a much larger issue.

Obviously, when it comes to breast cancer, “Information Sickness” cannot be cured easily. One of our contributors, Dr. Patricia Ganz (Director of the UCLA-LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence), explained that women with breast cancer are often given a great deal of assigned reading to understand their breast cancer – and depending on the severity of symptoms (not to mention the fear and anxiety many breast cancer patients often feel), sometimes sitting down to read a 300-page book (and comprehend it) is simply not an option. The breast cancer experience opens the door to a whole new language and vocabulary for breast cancer patients and their families, and the amount of medical terminology can be confusing and overwhelming.

This was, in part, our motivation for creating “Breast Cancer: The Path of Wellness & Healing,” a first-of-its-kind visual guide and breast cancer that allows patients and their families to sit down and receive an educational, inspirational overview in just 2 hours. For additional support and more in-depth information, breast cancer patients can view our bonus disc, featuring tours of breast cancer procedures and treatments (including chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, reconstruction, exercise, and nutrition). For breast cancer patients and families suffering from “Information Sickness,” this DVD offers an invaluable guide on the challenging journey of breast cancer.