Nina Montée Karp, Joyce Ostin’s Breast Cancer: The Path Of Wellness and Healing (2009) is a masterful 2-Disc DVD filled with over five-hours of valuable information from the leading experts in the field. Karp’s approach delves into relevant information about breast cancer from the world’s leading medical experts including notable breast cancer survivors Christina Applegate, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Olivia Newton-John, Joyce Ostin, Gabrielle Union, and Jaclyn Smith. Understanding that breast cancer is a very challenging illness, disc one or the “main feature” is a descriptive journey told by women who were set on a path to diagnoses. The stories are gripping, yet reveals as an inspirational message to other women who are diagnosed with this terrible disease. The feature continues with in-depth information from America’s premier medical experts in the field–Dr. Helena Chang, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Patricia Ganz, Dr. Susan Love just to name a few among a brilliant collective of physicians and spiritual recovery experts.

Disc One, Chapter One – Diagnosis Breast Cancer details statistics, what places women at risk for cancer; methods for detection; and understanding and pathology of breast cancer. Chapter 2 – Building Your Team involves building your person team–and choosing carefully. Be an advocate for you. Find the best information, the best plan of care for the best possible, healthy outcome, and also focusing on surrounding the best supportive team involved in the care process. This includes selecting a “lead doctor” for individual plan of care, to help you plan for what’s ahead. It is an honor to listen to these absolutely brave women, and doctors discuss the most private moments and issues in their lives–and realistic methods for successful treatment.

Breast Cancer, The Path Of Wellness includes over five hours of key information including a two hour overview of diagnosis and treatment options, physical recovery  mental and spiritual recovery plus over 3 hours of bonus chapters with top experts answering 100+ frequently asked questions.

Disc 2 Bonus Chapters is a comprehensive guide on treatment, healing and wellness. From diagnosis to nutrition, from mindful meditation to yoga–this disc has everything in its scope or comprehensive. It explores the “entire breast cancer experience,” to facilitate a loved one in treatment, and breast cancer survivors on a continued path to wellness.

A necessary and holistic guide that comes highly recommended.